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If you plan to study in UK without IELTS in British university, you should be aware that you will need to demonstrate exceptional English language skills.
There are standard examination exams that can be used to assess your English proficiency. The IELTS is one of them, and it is the most popular in the United Kingdom. The IELTS is a standard test that students who do not speak English as their first language must take in order to demonstrate their English competence.

Universities where International Students can Study in UK without IELTS:

• De Montfort University
• University of Law
• University of Derby
• Sheffield Hallam University
• Birmingham City University
• University of Bristol
• London Southbank University
• Northumbria University
• The University of Bolton
• University of Northampton
• University of Plymouth
• Portsmouth University
• University of Greenwich
• University of Central Lancashire
• Aston University, Birmingham

begin the application process for a university in the United Kingdom

When you begin the application process for a university in the United Kingdom, you must first pass the IELTS test. Study in UK without IELTS it is critical to take the IELTS because your stay in the UK will be fully dependent on it. Universities have no bearing on this English proficiency criteria for student visa immigration. However, did you know that certain colleges allow you to study without taking the IELTS or even an alternative admission test?

Some British institutions may assess your English competence in a different method than normal assessments in certain circumstances.
You should constantly examine if your university uses various methods to measure your English level so you may skip taking the IELTS and save time. One of these techniques, for example, could be to examine the medium in which your previous education was completed.

If you attended a school where all instructions were given in English, the admissions board in the United Kingdom may consider this as proof of your English proficiency.

Here are three common scenarios in which a university will waive the IELTS in order to admit you:

They are only able to take into account your high school English grade. Furthermore, they may only be interested in your senior year grades. Some institutions will approve your application if your English score in the 10th and 12th grades was above 60%.

The second possibility is what we just mentioned: your former English-taught school education. There are many English-language schools outside of the United Kingdom nowadays. Study in UK without IELTS in case if you attended this type of high school and received great grades, the British university may not require you to take the IELTS.

There are many English-language schools outside of the United Kingdom nowadays


Another approach to skip the IELTS is to do an online interview. If you haven’t taken the IELTS and believe it is unnecessary, certain colleges may require you to give an online interview through Skype to assess your English proficiency.

Important note:

Your English proficiency is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Tier 4 (General) student visa, so if you discover a university that waives the IELTS exam, you must request that they hand you a paper proving your visa eligibility.
Students have opportunity to study in UK without IELTS because some institutions may not require you to verify your English competence if you had previously attended a course for 1 or 2 years and received higher grades. Furthermore, some universities may not require the IELTS but may want you to demonstrate your English proficiency through another assessment. 

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